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With Joblead you determine the fee you have for a new colleague. This way you will never pay too much to recruitment and selection agencies again! Invite all agencies in India to find your suitable candidate, save on referral and promotion costs and always refer pushy intermediaries to one platform.

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Joblead is the Recruitment Revolution and changes the way of recruitment forever. Reduce your costs, expand your reach and ensure a more efficient recruitment process.

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 Always determine your recruitment remuneration yourself  No need of strangled contracts from recruitment agencies  No own promotional costs Register

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Unlock access to all recruitment agencies in the country.

Streamline your recruitment process and save valuable time and money.


One-time distribution

  • Distribution to all recruitment agencies
  • Determine your own recruitment reward
  • Save on advertising costs
  • No more pushy recruitment agencies
  • Always receive suitable candidates
  • One portal for all recruitment agencies

Continuous spread

  • Receive one vacancy for free
  • Distribution to all recruitment agencies
  • Determine your own recruitment reward
  • Save on advertising costs
  • No more pushy recruitment agencies
  • Always receive suitable candidates
  • One portal for all recruitment agencies

Why work through Joblead?

Platform for Employers

Collaborate with all intermediaries

Why limit yourself to a few regular suppliers when you can work with all intermediaries in India? On our platform you get access to almost all intermediaries in India, so that you always find the most suitable candidate for your vacancy.
Hub for Job Seekers

Set Your Own Vacancy Reward

On Joblead you determine the reward you want to pay for a new colleague. No hidden costs from recruitment agencies.Take matters into your own hands and no longer let yourself be squeezed by traditional recruitment and selection agencies.

Start saving and recruiting efficiently today!

Employer platform

Save time and money on advertising costs

Save money and time by not investing in expensive advertising costs on platforms such as Indeed or social media. At Joblead you only pay for the result, not for promotion. With an average cost of only €26.50 per candidate, you save significantly compared to traditional recruitment channels.
Job Seekers Hub

Pushy recruitment agencies become your friend

Say goodbye to pushy phone calls and emails from intermediaries who want to introduce their candidates to you. By working with Joblead you have one central place to which you can refer all intermediaries who want to support you and where you have control over the recruitment process.

 Always receive suitable candidates

Register now and Always receive suitable candidates!

With our unique approach you get access to almost all intermediaries in India, without the high costs of traditional recruitment and selection agencies.

Take full control of your recruitment process! What are you waiting for? Take matters into your own hands and always receive the most suitable candidate for the job!

Joblead, Recruitment on your terms.

Easy and simple

Easily publish your vacancies in our vacancy portal with just a few clicks.

Send the invitation

Publish your vacancies at all recruitment agencies in India, with just one push of a button.

Always quality candidates

Thanks to our very extensive network, you always receive quality candidates for the open position.

Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

Which sectors does Joblead serve?

Joblead serves all sectors, such as engineering, ICT, finance, sales, and logistics. Our extensive network is not limited to certain sectors, which is why we have affiliated recruitment agencies in all sectors and industries.

What are the benefits of using Joblead for recruitment purposes?

Joblead offers access to an extensive network of qualified recruitment agencies, an efficient recruitment process, and personalized support. This saves money and time, while you can rely on the expertise of experienced professionals.

How does the candidate selection process at Joblead work?

The process involves thorough screening through personal interviews and other methods to identify the most suitable candidates for your company for successful matches with candidates.

Does Joblead offer support in drafting vacancies?

Yes, Joblead provides tailor-made expert support in drafting vacancy texts that meet the needs of companies and attract the right candidates.

What distinguishes Joblead from other recruitment platforms or services?

Joblead is the only recruitment platform in India where companies can determine the recruitment fee per vacancy themselves. This gives you control and you are no longer squeezed by greedy recruitment and selection agencies.

How do I publish a vacancy on Joblead?

Publishing is very simple by choosing to work with Joblead. You receive a username and password, after which you can create and distribute the vacancy in your own portal.

Frequently Asked Questions for Recruitment Agencies

What are the costs for recruitment agencies to participate in joblead?

There are no charges to supply candidates to employers. Participation in joblead is completely free and risk-free for recruitment and selection agencies.

What is the reward for recruitment agencies for supplying candidates?

Recruitment agencies can see the reward amount set by an employer for each vacancy. When your supplied candidate is employed by the employer, the agreed amount is paid out to you.

Which sectors and types of vacancies can be found on joblead?

joblead offers a wide range of vacancies in various sectors, including engineering, ICT, finance, sales, logistics, healthcare, and more. The types of vacancies can range from full-time, part-time, freelance to temporary jobs.

How does the employer select the most suitable candidate?

Employers can select the most suitable candidate using various criteria, such as experience, skills, education, and personality. Selecting candidates is the responsibility of the employer and falls outside the services of joblead.

Can employers and submitted candidates communicate on joblead?

No, employers and submitted candidates can never communicate through the joblead platform. This prevents employers from making contact with candidates outside of recruitment agencies. If an employer wishes to invite your candidate, they will contact you.

How do companies respond to submitted candidates?

Companies choose themselves through which communication tools they operate. Typically, employers contact you by phone to ask for more information about the candidate, or send an email invitation for a job interview.